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Adia is known to entertain everyone in the neighborhood (including family pets) with her gymnastics skills. Wherever she goes, she finds a place to do cartwheels, splits, and flips. One day, her parents take her to a special place where she can flip until her heart is content. There, she is introduced to someone who puts her on the path to make her dreams come true. Adia's parents, the community, and her new coach speak affirmations to remind Adia that she is truly the World's Greatest Gymnast. Join Adia as she excitedly explores her favorite activity, gymnastics. This heartwarming story in the series, I Can Be That Too, encourages children to believe in themselves and reach for their goals and dreams. 

The Gymnast

SKU: 0003
  • 8" x 10" Paperback Book. Ideal for children K-3.  However, all children will enjoy the story and colorful pictures.

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