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Equity Workshops/Professional Development: Finding the Mirrors, Windows, and Sliding Glass Door to Bring Equity into the Classroom

Understanding Equity in Education/Overview

Emphasizes the importance of educators recognizing and addressing systemic inequities in the education system

Provides a critical analysis of equity issues related to literature and how they affect student learning

Discusses the impact of a lack of cultural diversity in literature, and how this impacts student's learning experiences

How Literature Can Foster Equity in Education

Focuses on the different ways literature can be used as a tool to promote equity in the classroom

Explores how literature can help students gain a deeper understanding of the experiences of others with a different cultural background, and how this can lead to empathy, respect, and understanding

How educators can identify books with diverse representations of race, gender, and cultures, and incorporate them effectively in the curriculum

Techniques for Creating Equity through Literature

Practical tips and strategies for using literature to create an equitable classroom environment

Approaches such as integrating multicultural literature into reading activities, promoting discussion of difficult subjects, and using literature to celebrate diversity are outlined

Discusses the importance of examining the cultural and social context of the works read

Selecting Literature to Foster Equity

Provides guidelines for selecting literature that focuses on equity and inclusivity.

How teachers can create their own reading lists that reflect the interests and experiences of students, as well as support their learning objectives

Youth Book Publishing Workshops

8 Sessions

12 Sessions

16 Sessions

20 Sessions

School/District-Wide Assemblies

Book Reading

Parent Groups

Classroom Visits

Keynote Speaker

Panel Expert

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