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8x10 Paperback (Pre-K 1 - 3rd grade)

Children who explore this book will find themselves part of a parade of fun, lively animals. Share the joy of the zoo with family and friends as the rhymes bounce you from one animal to the next. Learn about lions, monkeys, giraffes, and more as you wander past wonderful images and memorable lines that will stick with you. You’ll want to read this relaxing story at bedtime again and again and again, so that you can dream sweet dreams of the savannas and jungles of the world, where nature makes homes for countless creatures. This book is recommended for readers of all ages, but especially for the littlest animal lovers out there. It’s never too early to teach your children to love and appreciate the diversity of nature, in all of its many forms, or to start preparing for your next trip to your local zoo. Let this book be a gateway that whisks you away to a wonderful world where running into the exotic beasts of the world becomes a common occurrence, but without ever losing its magic.

Zavier and Zoey Go to the Zoo

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